The German Society of Sport Psychology (asp) represents the field of sport psychology within Germany, founded in 1969 in Münster, Germany. Currently, the asp consists of 455 full members (cited: May 2018). The purpose of the society is the promotion and development of sport psychology in research, teaching and in the fields of application of performance, expertise and health.

  • motivational and functional support of sport psychological science, theory, research and application
  • support of the exchange of information regarding sport psychological findings and methods, particularly in the context of scientific conferences and publications
  • distribution of news within the field, in addition to public relations
  • support of young researchers, particularly via further education
  • representing the interests of sport psychology in the national and international scientific field of training, biomechanics, etc.

The asp offers additional educational curricula, with which graduates can specialize as a sport psychological expert in the field of performance and health (asp-curriculum competitive sports).
The main publication outlet of the asp is the German Journal of Sport Psychology (Hogrefe Verlag).