Paper Sessions Guidelines

Paper sessions consist of up to six oral presentations. Each presentation is supposed to take 12 minutes with up to three minutes of discussion afterward.
The sessions have been compiled based on single contributions that are related to Sport and Exercise Psychology. The focus of the presentations can be theoretical, methodological, or applied. All paper sessions are scheduled to be 90 minutes.
Session chairs are responsible for time management during the symposia in order to allow switching between sessions. In addition, the session chair is asked to start and end all sessions according to the time schedule and to allow sufficient time for questions and discussion with the audience. Sessions with less than 6 presentations will have time for a longer discussion at the end of the session.

Staff members will be present in each room to assist with technical issues and for further inquiries.

Speakers Ready Room

Prior to their presentation, all speakers and presenters are asked to deliver their presentation to the speaker’s ready room, which is located on the first floor of the Schloss, next to the Senatssaal (Prague).

  • Please save the file of your presentation on a USB 2.0 flash drive or external hard drive.
  • Please submit the file of your presentation to the speaker’s ready room at least 2h before your appointed time and let us take care of arranging the set-up.
  • Please name your file as follows: „YourLastName.YourFirstName.ShortTitle.SessionNr.pptx“ (e.g. „ Mueller.Steven.Motor Development in Children.Session 2.pptx“)

You can also submit your presentation directly at the presentation room. To do this, we ask you to be present at least 20 minutes before the start of the session.