Program Overview

This is the preliminary program and might be subject to changes.


The scientific program includes (see abstract guidelines for more detailed information):

Symposia presentations

The symposia consist of oral presentations from multiple speakers and cover a specific coherent topic relating to Sport and Exercise Psychology. The focus may be of theoretical, methodological, or applied interest.
Each symposium should consist of three to five presenters, representing at least three different countries and including male and female presenters. We recommend using our Facebook page in order to find collaborators for submission. The symposia are scheduled to be 90 minutes. A discussion contribution is recommended, but not mandatory. Several symposia regarding topics of high relevance for the field will also be invited by the organizers.

Oral Presentations

You can submit abstracts for single contributions about recent research studies and results. These submissions will be reviewed, after which the most outstanding contributions will be incorporated into one of the 55 oral presentation sessions over eleven timeslots, with each presentation session having their own specific topic. Presentations are to be structured into 12-minute talks and three minutes discussion.


Poster presentations are the primary form of presentation and dissemination of scientific work. Five poster sessions will offer an outstanding forum for scientific exchange and discussions.

Gimme-5 format presentations

As a relatively new format, we offer slots in one of three Gimme 5 sessions. Especially PhD students are encouraged to submit abstracts for this format, in which every presenter has five minutes for a maximum of five Powerpoint slides. After each short presentation, a discussion of up to three minutes is added. Ten contributions are to be presented within one session.

The workshops involve active participation through interactive discussions, demonstrations, and/or experiential learning.
Research workshops can include, but are not limited to, research methods, ethics in research, theory or measurement development, grant writing and mentoring in scientific writing.
Applied workshops offer opportunities for practitioners to share their professional practice strategies. Evidence-based practice workshops will be given priority. More information regarding applied workshops can be found here.

Science Slam

The Science Slam will take place at the open evening session (Tuesday, 16 July). It offers funny and creative, but still informative, scientific presentations of up-to-date and original research. The science slam is a special form of oral presentation that reaches a broad audience.
In addition, to the regular abstract submission, applicants have to upload a video of themselves presenting their contents. The six best applicants will be selected by a science slam committee. All applicants must be aware, that they have to accept that we will publish the application videos for the participants of the Congress. The best Science Slam contribution will be awarded a prize by the Congress host.

Several Pre-Congress workshops will be offered on Monday 15 July 2019 at the FEPSAC Congress Venue.

Detailed information (organizers, program, schedule, registration, fee) will be offered in October 2018.

Alternative registration and additional fees might be required.

Two awards for young researchers will be handed out during the 15th FEPSAC conference, one for oral presentations and one for poster presentations.
More information regarding the young researcher award can be found here.