Full Program

This is the preliminary program and might be subject to changes.

The full Congress program has been set online and can be found via the following link:

More details regarding the full program and the program overview can be found here.

For the FEPSAC 2019 Congress, abstracts for symposia, oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, Gimme 5– presentations and a science slam can be submitted. All abstracts are to be submitted in English only. More information regarding formats, deadlines and content can be found here.



Prof.Dr.AsciProf. Dr. Aşçı
Prof.Dr.JacksonProf. Dr. Jackson
Prof.Dr.MarcoraProf. Dr. Marcora
Prof. Dr. MooreProf. Dr. Moore
Prof. Dr. RybaProf. Dr. Ryba
Prof. Dr. SmithProf. Dr. Smith


For further information click here.

A PDF overview of the keynotes can be downloaded:


During the 2019 FEPSAC Congress we will have a wide variety of events, from the opening ceremony held in the beautiful LWL Museum of Art and Culture, all the way to a festive closing ceremony in the countryside just outside of Münster.
More information regarding the General Event can be found here.


During the 2019 FEPSAC Congress we offer a wide variety of applied workshops, lead by active professional sport psychologist. A complete overview can be found here.


Several Pre-Congress workshops will be offered on Monday 15 July 2019 at the FEPSAC Congress Venue.
More information regarding the Pre-congress can be found here.
Additional details (organizers, program, schedule, registration, fee) can be found here.
Alternative registration and additional fees might be required.


The Science Slam will take place at the open evening session (Tuesday, 16 July). It offers funny and creative, but still informative, scientific presentations of up-to-date and original research. The science slam is a special form of oral presentation that reaches a broad audience.
More information regarding the Science Slam can be found here.


The FEPSAC invites Young Researchers in Sport Psychology to submit their scientific work for the 2019 FEPSAC Award. An award will be handed out to the winners of the following categories: Oral and Poster presentations.
More information regarding the Young Researcher Award can be found here.


For the occasion of the 15th European Congress of Sport & Exercise Psychology in Münster from 15th – 20th July 2019, we wish to host a photo contest named:
FEPSAC around the World.
We welcome all members to submit your best photo that shows your relatedness to the FEPSAC.
More information and guidelines regarding this one of a kind photo contest can be found here.


To offer the participants of the Congress some time to relax and see the city of Münster, we offer a wide variety sports to participate in, which are included in the Congress fee. All are situated near-by the Congress venue and are led by sport instructors.

More information regarding the Sport Program can be found here.