Sightseeing and Dining

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The Aasee is the centerpiece of a popular recreational destination near the city center. A trail of about 5.7 km leads around the lake, which is also used for jogging.A boat rental will ensure a exploration of the see from the water. Around the Aasee there are several sculptures from different internationally renowned artists.



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The Prinzipalmarkt is a famous street and the economic and political heart of Münster. In 2006, the Prinzipalmarkt was voted one of the most popular places in Germany. Consumption of coffee and tea during a wonderful sunlight will release any present tension. Many different restaurants will serve local and traditional dishes and guarantee a pleasant residence.



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The Erbdrostenhof is a baroque noble palace in Münster-city. It was built from 1753 to 1757. The exclusive event for representatives of FEPSAC and invited honorary guests will take place here. The place is surrounded by different restaurants with multi-cultural food offerings, which will ensure a wonderful view of the Erbdrostenhof.



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The Schloss was drafted by architect Johann Conrad Schlaun. Until 1803, the Schloss was a former prince-bishop residence. At the end of the second world war, the Schloss was totally destroyed and rebuild, following the former plans of Schlaun. Nowadays, the Schloss is the place of administration of the university of Münster.



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The local airport is located 30km away and easy to reach from Frankfurt or Munich. There are several shuttle busses, driving between the airport and the midtown of Münster, from 6.00 a.m. till 0.00 p.m. every 30-40 min.



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Münster’s city harbor has developed from a freight handling center to a creative quay. Office buildings, art, culture, restaurants and trendy clubs ensure that there is always a lot going on around the clock. The mixture of restructured warehouses and modern architecture will guarantee a vibrant and memorable atmosphere.



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The LWL Museum of Art and Culture is the central art museum in Westphalia. Since 1908 it is located on the cathedral square in Münster. More than 300.000 exhibits are owned by the museum. The Museum is located close to the historic town centre and is easy to reach by foot.



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The Theater offers performances by its own ensembles in the fields of music theater, drama, dance theater and young theater. The program is complemented by the productions of numerous guest appearances, readings, lectures and exhibitions.



Dining in Münster


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