University of Münster

The University of Münster, the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU), is one of the largest universities in Germany. Some 44,000 students and 5,600 academics from Germany and around the world help envision the University’s extensive range of courses, diverse research profile and the advantages of living in the city of Münster. Our slogan says it all: “living.knowledge”.

WWU Münster has developed a strong research profile in natural and human sciences, medicine, law and business administration. It targets top-level research in high-performance areas and combines this with promoting first-class young researchers. At the same time, by ensuring that broad research can be carried out it creates a secure basis on which excellence can thrive.

The WWU Münster’s goals in the field of research are closely linked with its own commitment to provide high-quality courses, covering a wide range of subjects. It has taken a pioneering role in changing the teaching degree to the double bachelor degree. The second step – a bottom-up process – will involve the master’s courses. The development of programmes for structured doctoral courses represents the third step in the realisation of the objectives set out in the Bologna process. WWU thus provides the best possible teaching on the basis of high-quality broad and top-level research.

The WWU Münster organises the promotion of outstanding academic junior researchers in graduate schools which provide structured doctoral courses. Moreover the university creates an environment conducive to top-level research carried out by postdocs. It also supports the setting up of groups of young researchers and the creation of junior professorships in order to strengthen the links between postgraduate education and research.